Athithi movie review

An impactful thriller with some gripping moments

Reviews 27-Jun-2014 5:53 PM IST Top 10 Comments

Thrillers based on nick of time are always welcomed with red carpets spread out in any languages. Malayalam cinema’s most acknowledged Cocktail is now remade by Azhagiya Tamizh Magan fame Bharathan that stars Nandha, Ananya and Nikesh Ram in lead roles.

The film opens on a brighter part with Nandha and Ananya being portrayed as loveable couples. They’re leading a peaceful life with God’s gift of beautiful daughter. Nandha is a reigning employee at country’s most luxurious and successful engineering firm. When he becomes the reason behind saving the company’s position from three fraudulent staffs, his boss gifts him a mammoth like car…. On this occasion, both Nandha and Ananya take a drive to enjoy this moment with their kid left to servant at home. Within next few minutes, this couple becomes victims to a stranger on road (Nikesh Ram), who threatens to kill their child and leaves them on Discombobulations freaky tasks. End of the day, things get more perplexed as Nikesh lands Nandha at his girl colleague’s place and insists to kill her or else it would cost their daughter’s life.

What happens next is narrated with a gripping climax that will surprise you with an incredulous situation.

Where was Nikesh Ram for such a long time? How come our producers and filmmakers missed such a brilliant actor in their movies before? These are perhaps the first league of questions that drop in your minds as you watch his performance that begins right with his introduction scenes. He keeps you annoyed at times, but on pars impress you vividly for his villainous act. The protagonists in thriller movies are always victims of situation and yes, over here nothing is different. He pulls off a perfect job with his performance. Getting scared, blown by shocks one after the other and his expressions are very much prodigious. Ananya is not an exception as she exerts the best efforts on delivering the essence of romance, fear and emotional outbursts. Thambi Ramaiah tries to pitch the hilarious score, but that doesn’t help in the film’s progression as thrill moments are already on the domination.

Bharadwaj’s musical score enhances the visual impact, but the songs are not completely wanted to the script, though the tunes might impress you.

On the flip side, certain scenes slightly pull down the screenplay to lesser momentum, but everything gets diminished as the climax arrives.

What works – Nikesh Ram, cinematography, background score, unpredictable climax

What doesn’t work – Editing, Comedy, certain scenes are little boring, songs

Verdict: An impactful thriller with some gripping moments.

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