Saivam Movie Review

Passably good and entertaining in few parts

Reviews 27-Jun-2014 2:53 PM IST Top 10 Comments

Production: Think Big Studio
Direction: Vijay
Actors: Nasser, Sara, Baasha, Twara and many others
Cinematography: Nirav Shah
Music: GV Prakash
Editing: Antony

The story is about a Rooster bred by the family members in a village to be sacrificed for the family God. But things get terrible when it goes missing.

It’s a different film from Vijay who has been lending his hand of experiment of various genres with superstars like Ajith, Vikram and Vijay. Why not try something with Rooster (Saeval as we would ennoble the creature in Tamil)? This motto comes with a package of strong message sans any matured elements like profanity and obscene elements. Extolments are must for Vijay for presenting a film as wholesome entertainer and let’s have a detailed look on synopsis followed by analysis.

The family members of Nasser and his wife have their reunion with plethora of sons, daughters and grandchildren. When the dress of Sara accidentally gets burned over the fire, the family elders decide to give the Rooster as sacrifice for God. The justifications get furthermore honoured when Nasser recollects the previous mishaps in his family and decides to bring up Rooster here. But Sara has already hid it somewhere for her affinity towards it. As the Rooster goes missing, it leads several conflicts across the family members with various groups, thereby leading to fun-filled feudal fights.

The best presentation in visual and narratives become the most prominent highlights of this film. Director AL Vijay has managed to bring together the bunch of promising actors together as a wholesome family and this is the first attribute ascribing to film’s plus factors. But on pars, it might not impress everyone for the title and this presentation. But again, there are lots of engrossing things like the clash between the cousin brothers for independent rooms, grandchildren to hold their place on grandpa’s lap and the hidden love between the cousin boy Baasha and Twara are treat to everyone. George who plays the servant at Nasser’s home plays the best part in enhancing the humour quotient. But what gets us very much appealed is the spellbinding and emotional performance of Sara as a girl who has an unconditional bonding with the Rooster. But in some places, the dialogues of Sara let her diminished and director Vijay becomes predominant there. It literally lets Sara lose the identity of childlike innocence. Few stereotypical scenes repeatedly done could have been avoided. Although the entire family changes its cultural attitude within a fraction of moment is unbelievable, but impresses us gently with good impact.

Except Nasser, Sara, George and Suresh almost everyone in the screens might not be familiar, but they keep us attached to their family. Nasser, what could you tell about his performance? We’re running out of words claiming the same praises over and again. He is a genius and no one can beat him for next coming decades. Sarah keeps you enchanted with her performance and the romantic scenes involving the cousins Baasha and Twara are the icing of cake. Both of them have done a neat job.

What works - The perfect casting and character of Nasser, Sara, Baasha, Twara and almost everyone in the star-cast. The feeling of meeting our very own family relatives…

What doesn’t work – Over repetition of same scenes, Sara’s act in few scenes...

Overall, Saivam gives a Déjà vu feeling of a soap opera without any commercial breaks for certain group of audience.

Verdict: Passably good and entertaining in few parts

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