“Government has and will never help film industry” - Kamal Haasan

“Government has and will never help film industry” - Kamal Haasan

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Devi Cinemas had lots of special mentions last evening during the audio launch of Valeba Raja that stars the same cast of Sethu, Santhanam and Vishaka Singh in lead roles with VTV Ganesh, Devadarshini and Subbu Panchu in important characters. The audio launch commenced with the screening of film’s trailer and three songs that includes Nadu Kadalula by Gaana Bala and a couple of peppy feet-tapping numbers.

The film is directed by Sai Gokul Ramnath, a Vis Com graduate and a former associate of KV Anand and is produced by H. Murali. Radhan has composed the tracks and every number in this album has come out well.

While recollecting the connection between his banner of Vanks Vision and Kamal Haasan, he said that the grand premiere of Avvai Shanmughi was held during the same day (June 25) and after 18 years, he is here at the same venue for the audio launch of Valeba Raja.

Speaking on the occasion Kamal Haasan said that the entire team of youngsters is a real blessing to producer H. Murali, who he gladly ennobled him to be a young man. Getting on to share few words on actor Sethu, he said, “We actors happened to gain the title Dr. after years of our filmdom, but he is already a practicing doctor (Sethu is a dermatologist at Stanley Hospital).”

Sethu didn’t miss to mention about Santhanam who was not present for the occasion and said pointing to Kamal Haasan, “Sir, he is a huge fan of yours. When I used to be late to the shooting spots, he used to scold me this is not a tourist spot, but shooting. Just see how Kamal Haasan sir suffers and struggles with more dedication to accomplish with a shot.”

Vishaka Singh mentioned that when Anupama Chopra was interviewing Kamal Haasan at Cannes International Film Festival, she was just seven feet away from him, but felt frightened to move forward and ask for a snap together… Sooner Kamal Haasan assured that he would definitely take a snap soon after the show is over.

Power Star was the showstopper when he made everyone cheer up with his arrival and didn’t miss to mention that KR regularly speaks on all occasions.

Radhan, music director of this film was so much humble and thanked his mother for being his guide and also stated that if he is here today, it is because of AR Rahman who has been his main inspiration.

Kamal Haasan totting up with his speech said, “A situation might occur when you feel doubtful about your career in film industry that whether you are there at the right place. No doubt! You are at the right place and never take losers as your inspiration, but the winners. Unlike IT and other industries, Government has never helped film industry and we have been contributing to the development with our dedication. So keep striving for the best and best things will happen to everyone.”

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