Sarabham trailer review

Sarabham trailer review

Features 25-Jun-2014 5:44 PM IST RM Comments

Compelling efforts are so much evident with the trailer of Sarabham that comes from the studio of the most brilliant stunners of Indian film industry – CV Kumar of Thirukumaran Entertainment. No doubt! He made a sweeping revolution overnight introducing more than a dozen of short filmmakers into Tamil industry that none have attempted before. The recent one to come and join his club is Arun Mohan and his maiden debut ‘Sarabham’ has gained immense popularity right with its first look teaser and now the songs.

The theatrical trailer of Sarabham doesn’t take you for long guesses about what this film is all about. It takes you straight to the plot. It’s about an youngster hatching some conniving plans. He is ready to commit a crime with conditions apply – He shouldn’t get caught. That’s a motto of every men and women isn’t it? Commit a crime and get away hands clean. Naveen Chandra, Salony Luthra and Aadukalam Naren are the key players of this game and the entire script revolves around them.

Producer CV Kumar says the film has been shot in just 29 days, but the production values seems to be perfect and gives an impression as though it took more money and time to come up with this film.

If you’re asking us, if this trailer gives a partial view on what this film is all about? Yes, it does and urges you to watch this film.

Verdict: A perfect shooter to invite you for the adventurous feast.

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