Jai follows Ajith outside films now

Jai follows Ajith outside films now

News 21-Jun-2014 12:57 PM IST RM Comments

Ajith Kumar has been the only actor to have simultaneously participated in formula racing and showbiz as well. He was able to concentrate completely on both the aspects and now it looks like Jai is following the same lanes. The actor would be participating in the racing that is scheduled to happen tomorrow (Sunday June 22) at Sri Perambudur. The actor says that he was fascinated by the car racing right from his childhood. He thanks his friend and racer Abdullah who has been completely supportive and inspiring. There are 29 participants taking part in the race and Jai hopes to finish off the line within Top 5.

We at Top 10 Cinema wish Jai best success to rule the racing grids and soon take over the Formula championship series.

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