Vadacurry Movie Review

This Vadacurry lacks the authentic flavour

Reviews 19-Jun-2014 4:31 PM IST Top 10 Comments

Direction : Saravana Rajan
Producer : Dayanidhi Azhagiri
Starring : Jai, Swati Reddy, RJ Balaji
Music : Vivek Shiva, Mervin Solomon
Cinematography : Venkatesh S
Editing : Praveen K. L., N. B. Srikanth

Oodles of fun, thrill and adventure. it’s a trademark style of Venkat Prabhu and now his protégé Saravana Rajan makes his debut directorial with ‘Vadacurry’ in an attempt to follow such footprints. These quotients are do available in the film, but they remain unconnected and never become coherent. This becomes a major problem for Jai-Swathi starrer Vadacurry. When these lead actors are coming together after a magnum opus like Subramaniapuram, we would look out for something unique in their characterisations, but everything gets confined to stereotypical factors.

Satish (Jai) is a newly appointed Medical representative who is often made fun off for his cheap funny cell phone. On his attempts to buy a new model, the financial constraint leaves him pick a ‘Korean’ model that literally leaves everyone horripilated with the nasty tones. With his life becoming terrible with a belief in myth a luxury phone would gain him respect, the love of a beautiful girl, he snatches an iPhone that is left by someone at a tea shop. Sunny Leone shakes her legs for him and life changes as his long time desire of winning the heart of Naveena becomes true. Sooner, the strange phone calls drop him in pathetic scenario and his life is on the verge of culmination now.

As mentioned, Saravana Rajan has aped the elements that were so much in his mentor Venkat Prabhu’s movies. There are lots of cameos like Premgi, Mahat and of course, Venkat Prabhu himself playing a role. The complete duration of the film is just 2hrs 10mins and there aren’t much songs. In spite of these privileges and having a decent star-cast, what really fails the film from making it an engaging entertainer is the screenplay. We’re bound to complete confusions on what’s actually going on there. There is a strong theme in hand not often seen in Tamil cinema about the resale of expired medicines. The director could have made this concept into a brilliant thriller, but everything gets collapsed terribly. By the time, the actual story begins, it’s intermission and second hour has lots of slow motion shots and only the penultimate sequences and suspense unraveled in climax makes some sense. But again, these very few plus doesn’t save its reputation.

Jai looks puzzled all throughout the film and is emoting skills have slightly diminished compared to his previous movies. Except few shots where his dialogue deliveries creates huge laughter, there is nothing much to appreciate on his part. Swathi looks beautiful, but her portions seem soulless in many places. RJ Balaji offers refreshing moments with his witty lines (Second half Suriyavamsam Sarath Kumar, Overa Aasapatta Obamavukke Pidikaadhu Da) are the icing of cake. Venkat Prabhu doesn’t have much to score here and it looks like he took up the project merely for his assistant.

Technically, the film turns numb as the songs are just average and background score doesn’t add more intensity. The song featuring Sunny Leone could have been shot much more fabulously.

You might be wondering why the title ‘Vadacurry’. If you want to find out, don’t miss the first five minutes of the film as RJ Balaji opens up the reason followed by his kind instructions on finding fault with this film.

What works – RJ Balaaji, few humour scenes, basic theme of the film.

What doesn’t work – Performance, Technical aspects, logics are missing.

Verdict: This Vadacurry lacks the authentic flavour.

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