Yaamirukka Bayamey Movie Review

Stop questioning… Just get engaged!

Reviews 9-May-2014 5:29 PM IST RM Comments

Production: Elred Kumar
Director: Deekay
Starring: Kreshna, Oviya, Rupa Manjari, Karunakaran
Music: Prasad SN
Cinematography: Rammy
Editing: A. Sreekar Prasad
Release Date: May 9, 2014

Making horror movies are often considered to be a special craft from western cinema. Often most of the supernatural thrillers fail to impress you, if the ghosts slightly get you ludicrous. Well, here debutant Deekay, a former associate of KV Anand doesn’t let you strain much. He never promises to offer the most serious dark, a-paranormal activity kind of flick, but a fun-filled horror ride. Have you ever come across such terms? If not, just barge into the theatres and grab your seats for Yaamirukka Bayamey. We personally feel so easy to put down the points for review. Deekay makes our job easy clearly with the treatment of script. It’s out-and-out hilarious entertainer with the seasoning of horror.

Things go terribly wrong with his local-made ‘Viagra’, Kiran (Krishna) gets screwed up with a bunch of funny hooligans. When he comes to know that his father (again played by Krishna) has left a huge property in a hill station, he rushes along with his girlfriend Smitha (Rupa Manjari) only to find it to be an abandoned ‘Booth’ Bungalow. He comes across a confused person Suzhukedukkum Soodu Kai Sundaram (Karunakaran) and his oomphy-sister (Oviya). They decide to renovate the Bungalow and get it transformed as ‘Kulu Kulu’ Holiday resort. Everything is picture-perfect until the customers who come for a stay are mysteriously killed.

There is no harsh flashback in the film that makes you weep for the ghost that was brutally murdered or massacred to death only to come back and seek revenge. The first hour of the film is filled with lots of humour elements. Especially the performance by Karunakaran is outstanding as keeps tickling your funny bones. The double entendres could have been avoided as they are found in excess.. Maybe, Deekay wanted to impress the teen-audiences with it, but how about the universal audiences. The mysterious and spooky elements don’t find much place during the first half, but as the story commutes to second hour; it is completely dominated by few horripilating attributes in mix with humour.

The scene where Krishna gets face-to-face game with eyes open and close is a fantastic treatment of script. The last 30 minutes of this film, especially with the introduction of Mayilsamy is a special delight. The flashback is convincing, where Deekay keeps away from the usual ones and tries giving something different. Though you might be bound to drawing comparisons between many Tamil films of the past (especially Pizza 2 – The Villa), you can never point out any similarities. Such is the effortful craftsmanship of Deekay and he deserves special mention for projecting the images of every crew member in the opening credits.

The film doesn’t take you too long into the journey of horror drama, but keeps you so much amused with its course of narration.

What works – Screenplay (new treatment of humor and horror), background score, sound effects, cinematography, perfect casting and performance.

What doesn’t work – Few double entendres, horror elements strike post-intermission.

Verdict: Stop questioning… Just get engaged.

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