Get frozen this summer at EA Grounds

Get frozen this summer at EA Grounds

Features 6-May-2014 6:48 PM IST RM Comments

Summer is a season of bestowing us with reunions and celebrations. The scorching heat bakes our skins, but nothing beats down the invigorations that sprout up from our inmost senses. This summer, make your moments more cherishing with an absolute fiesta ‘Taj Mahal in Chennai’ that brings you a ravishing treat under one hub.

Walk across the lanes of wonderland that brims with relentless celebrations and the grab of sight, a peck of surprise is the gigantic sets of Taj Mahal… Remember this? It’s not a view of imagination, but commutes you straight to the monumental land of Agra, the tangible symbol of love.

And for those yearning to catch a glimpse of underwater world, this occasion gives an immense of marine fauna, a collage of world’s most beautiful aquarium fishes. Let’s not call it a ‘Nightmare on EA Grounds’, but a ‘Chill-mare’ at horror house that sends you high on Goosebumps and on pars offer a heavy load of fun and frolic with excitingly frightening elements….

Why strain a long journey to snow capped mountains? Come to the world of snow that is equipped with an absolute ambience of serenity and more fun. A great escape from Chennai summer to put away the dust laden city and enjoy the game of snow.

Time for every adult to become a kid and get involved in the most thrilling rides to bring out the child inside you… Kids can have their boat ride on artificial ponds and of course, the ladies have their pleasure with the shopping hubs that brings many leading brands of various products and services.

Launched on May Day to celebrate the mankind of workmanship, the festival of snow, shopping, gaming and enthrallment will go on till June 8, 2014 from 3 pm to 10 pm during weekdays and 11 am to 10 pm on weekends.

Manju Groups is the Title sponsor for the event and EA extends its involvement as Location Partner. The Event is organised by Spellbound with Radio City as Radio Partner and Top 10 Cinema as website partner.

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