Vishaka Singh – Lady of ‘Challenges’

Vishaka Singh –  Lady of  ‘Challenges’

News 5-May-2014 11:32 AM IST RM Comments

The roses without thorns and diamonds without pain!!! These wordings go very much significant with Vishaka Singh who has been unceasingly striving to claim the greatest success. It’s not just she appeared as a belle of everyone’s love in ‘Kanna Laddu Thinna Aasaiya’, but has been a part of unique films in Hindi with unconventionally challenging roles. Vishaka Singh isn’t just an actress but is an established entrepreneur and has produced some films as well. She has been one among the few Asian film celebrities to get red carpet welcome at Cannes Film Festival. Top 10 Cinema wishes her a very happy birthday and ask her to continue acting in more Tamil movies.

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