Vaayai Moodi Pesavum

A feel-good rom-com that touches your hearts

Reviews 25-Apr-2014 5:33 PM IST RM Comments

No problem in this world has gone unresolved with outspoken talks. Balaji Mohan has grabbed a wonderful piece of theme, which indeed is a most looked upon theme in today’s society. The fast running world with days laden with hectic works and there is no space for hearts to convey the messages between the family members, sweet hearts and friends.

It’s a common situation here as a bunch of characters like Arvind (Dulquer Salman), a proficient salesman, Anjana (Nazriya Nazim), a doctor engaged to one whom she doubts if she really love him. Writer Vidhya (Madhu Bala), step mother of Anjana, Amaichar Sunderlingam (Pandiarajan), a man of loose talks and loos plans and Pa. Pazhani, his assistant, Arvind’s pal Sathish, who often swears or conveys wrong messages, Nuclear Star Boomesh (John Vijay), Mattai Ravi (Robo Shankar) and Bhoomesh fans club secretary Ganesh (Ramesh), who are locking horns for a valid purpose (though it runs you through laughter-riot) and Sidumoonji Adhikesavan (Vinu Chakravarthy), who has never laughed for years after his son left him. With so many situations of conflict existing in their lives, they all face a situation that will bring back their lost fortunes of happiness and peace forever.

If it’s a decision to make on casting our votes to Balaji Mohan either for ‘Best Direction’ or ‘Best Screenplay’, we prefer the second one for his brilliant work. An unconventionally interesting narration without any dialogues in the second half is a surprise. Even if a degree of loss in impact, the audience would go scattered on their attention, but he has carved it so much with perfection. Even his characterisations are very well etched. From the protagonists Arvind and Anjana to the desolated father Aadhi Kesavan, the director has exquisitely introduces the conflict and provides a solution at last.

On the front of performance, Dulquer Salman shows up with a flawless performance, which is so much surprising indeed. Yes, his pronunciation of Tamil is so excellent and that makes his character complete. Nazriya Nazim pulls up the best efforts in breathing more life into her character. The sequences involving Dulquer and Nazriya have been decorously done by Balaji and it’s been a long time a beautiful romance was portrayed on the screens. There is a plethora of comedy sequences in the film that comes from the store of Balaji Mohan playing the news anchor, John Vijay , Robo Shankar, Ramesh and Satish. The offer humour in their own ways, which causes a huge laughter riot...

Technically, the musical score by Sean Roldan is middling in places. The background score offers some substantiality to the script and the songs are pictured well. Cinematography becomes the backbone here for the rich cool colours of the hilly regions.
There is nothing goes negative or minus here for the treatment is commendable and Balaji Mohan deserves appreciations for his choice of unique script and decent narration. Usually epidemics in the story means a very tragic theme, but Balaji offers a new version of pleasant treat and good message.

What works: Perfect casting of actors, unique story, perfect screenplay especially second half, background score, cinematography

What doesn’t work: Nothing in particular, but conflicts get introduced only during intermission

Verdict: A feel-good rom-com that touches your hearts.

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