Vai Raja Vai trailer review

Vai Raja Vai trailer review

News 19-Apr-2014 9:31 AM IST RM Comments

Hollywood's most fascinating '21', the desi-version in Hindi 'Teen Patti' and lots more... As you watch the first theatrical trailer of Aishwarya Dhanush's 'Vai Raja Vai', there is a feel of Deja Vu and we tend to connect it with relevance.

Sleek, stylish and stunning.... The best synonymous words you will put forth on the entire team for delivering the right punch. Aishwarya has handled the teaser decorously by not placing more dialogues.. There are three just dialogues we hear... 'Ippo Naa Unna Sutta Saaviyaa Maattiyaa' and Gautham laughing is a surprise. Taapsee's grey-shaded nature is so much revealing and the final touch of Vivek-Gautham dialogue - "Dance Aaduravangala Vijay Aaga Mudiyaadhu" and Vivek goes ahead and says, "Bike Otturavangallam Ajith Aagamudiyaadhu". The theme music by Yuvan Shankar Raja and the cinematography is rich with exotic locales.

Overall, it's a decent job with trailer and hope Aishwarya lives up to the expectations she creates here.

Verdict: Far matured in approach than 'Moonu'.

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