Tenaliraman Movie Review

Comedy King Vadivelu goes missing!

Reviews 19-Apr-2014 9:42 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

A day most awaited in the box office and Tamil film buffs. A long hiatus of almost three years and everyone inquisitively looked out for the comeback of Vaigai Puyal ‘Vadivelu’. As it all happens with ‘Tenaliraman’, the film is the second outing of Yuvaraj Dhayalan who made his debut directorial with ‘Potta Potti’ that starred cricketer Sadagoppan Ramesh in lead role.

Set in backdrops of ancient South India, The film is a fictional take on the court of a renowned king Maamannar (Vadivelu) that has the humorous Thenali Raman appointed as one among the 9 minister of his Darbar. While rest of them play a havoc in doing good deeds to the people, Thenali Raman’s arrival irks them a lot as he soon gains the favour of the King. After a certain extent, a truth is unveiled that Thenali Raman has a hidden motive behind entering into ministerial court and he is here to kill the King. What unfolds next is a series of fun, emotional and a bunch of social elements conveyed.

The film may seem quite lengthy, but it is definitely not a constraint to a movie watching experience as many films, especially the period dramas have run more than these hours. But the problem is fallible writing that doesn’t impress you anywhere. The director seems to be little confused or stuck somewhere in the script writing process and forgets to exhibit what he actually wanted to convey. The romantic portions between Vadivelu and Meenakshi Dixit not at all fit when it comes to onscreen chemistry. In fact, there is no need to add such elements to the film as the compiled tales of Tenaliraman would have been a more than enough factor to keep the audience engaged. The looks and costumes of Vadivelu have been very well designed. Meenakshi is purely used for the glamour quotients. There are more prominent scenes that could have been executed well, but the punch misses in dialogues and Vadivelu becoming too much of a preacher doesn’t entertain the audience.

D Imman fails to retain his gained fame with the songs here. None of them sound impressive, but makes a brilliant work in background score… Cinematography is of high-quality and editing is perfect. The Computer Generated works have been done with panache.

Tenaliraman is an average fare that comprises of too much of social messages and it looks like the makers felt it would click as a booster for influencing people during this voting phase.

What works: Production value, CG works, Background score

What doesn’t work: Vadivelu’s usual style missing, songs, story, screenplay, etc..

Verdict: Comedy King Vadivelu goes missing.

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