Baby Sadhana’s heart-warming letter on National award

Baby Sadhana’s heart-warming letter on National award

News 17-Apr-2014 11:26 AM IST RM Comments

The hurdles faced by Gautham Vasudev Menon, JSK Film Corporation and Director Ram were so much known to everyone in the media industry on releasing their most ambitious film ‘Thanga Meengal’. The film indeed made decent collections in box office and won critical acclaims. To their most earnest hard works, they are now the title winners of ‘National awards’.

Moreover, it was the little girl Sadhana who unceasingly kept asking about the film’s delay in release. She is so much thankful to everyone as she says, “I want to personally thank all media uncles and aunties who have supported me right from the beginning of Thanga Meengal and brought me to the level of getting National award. I cannot forget this wonderful journey which would have not been possible without your constant help and support and because of you I gained so much visibility in this world. My special thanks to Ram Appa for giving this chance and JSK uncle for making people to see it, Gautham Menon uncle. Special congrats to Na. Muthukumar uncle and my favorite Arbindu Sara uncle and Yuvan uncle as well.”

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