Divergent movie review

A perfect time-to-kill movie

Reviews 16-Apr-2014 12:37 PM IST RM Comments

Ah! Finally, the malicious ‘Caste’ system gets into Hollywood… That’s a joke and yes, it’s a film set in backdrops of imaginary world post-apocalyptic era that breaks out a new problem for bunch of innocuous people. The society is classified into five different groups (Amity, Candor, Erudite, Abnegation and Dauntless) based on their inherent behaviour… Say for instance, the cohorts of Erudite are the genius of any topic under the sun and they’re so much educated. When it comes to ‘Dauntless’, they are filthy brave ones, who can knock off any herculean efforts at an ease and Abegnation are the ones with so much humility and humbleness.

But there is a group of people that doesn’t possess any of these traits and they are grouped under ‘Divergents’ and one among them is Tris Prior (Shailene Woodley). After being eliminated followed by the fail-out all tests that would decide her group, she is pushed into ‘Divergents’ that has many among them, which is soon to be bumped off by the leader. Sooner, she hatches the plans and gets involved in the mission of stopping out this culmination. She soon gets acquainted with Christina (Kravitz) and Peter (Teller). And finally, with the leading trainer Four (James), with whom she develops a soft corner indeed…

In spite of pushing forth with more energy into the performance, the characterisations sketched by Winslet become little diminished as you walk out of theaters. There are many similarities and resemblances we find with accordance to Harry Potter and Hunger Games. Of course, the leading female protagonist on her mission impossible itself is the biggest commonality and so are the sequences that include the theme of contests-or-combat, whatever you may call and the ‘Training School’ as it happens in Harry Potter.

Regrettably, there is no Daniel Radcliffe or Jennifer Lawrence to pull off the string of gripping of moments here, though Shailene looks gorgeous and Tomboyish for her character.

Well, to mark the verdict in simple words, it’s a commercial potboiler that might look perfect for the families that are not so familiar with Hollywood. There are certain sequences that keep you enthralled, but overall , it’s a mediocre with some gripping moments.

Verdict: A perfect time-to-kill movie

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