Kollywood heroes with onscreen disorders

Kollywood heroes with onscreen disorders

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Our Tamil heroes have been the superheroes of modern age, the scintillating James Bond of all seasons, the most romantic chaps and the action heroes of immortality. From a classic drama to the sci-fi thrillers, our protagonists have made a splendid mark in the industry. Yes, they have been the champions as persons with health disorders too and have won incredible laurels. We bring you an exclusive look on these A-league actors with an iconic performance in such characters.

Vikram in Anniyan - Multiple Personality Disorder

This was perhaps an unexpected concept on the Tamil screens. Director Shankar and his favourite late writer Sujatha came up with this intriguing concept that was already predominant in Hollywood. Vikram performed three different personalities as Ambi, an innocent Brahmin always fighting for justice, but lands up in trouble. Then, there is Remo flaunting his muscles and wooing his sweetheart Nandini whom Ambi couldn't manage to make it. And there is Anniyan, the ruler of his own world, where he judges the crooks and criminals in an unconventionally shocking method that goes by 'Garuda Puranam'.

Suriya in Ghajini - Short Term Memmory Loss

Although, this film was loosely based on Christopher Nolan's Mementos, AR Murugadoss had very much took scrutinising efforts in gaining more knowledge through intense research in shaping up this protagonist Sanjay Ramasamy. He is affected with short term memory loss, where he forgets everything in just 15 minutes. With all such discombobulating problems, he has to hunt down the person who had killed his girlfriend, with the help of Tattoo marks on his body and pictures for memory clicked through his personal Polaroid camera.

Dhanush in Moonu (3) - Bipolar Disorder

There is nothing much that can elaborate the psychological problem than what had Dhanush donned in 'Moonu'. Though the film wasn't a major hit in the box office, it was appreciated for the brilliant performance and establishment of this disorder that prevails silently in many people. The film chronicles through the life of Ram, a person affected with bipolar disorder and director Aishwarya Dhanush had conveyed a message during final credits on how special care is neccessary for the ones victimised to this disorder.

Vishal in Naan Sigappu Manithan - Narcolepsy

And here is the latest addition to the dictionary of this league. 'Narcolepsy' is an uncommon term that many hadn't heard before. In fact, no movie has been made under this theme and Thiru takes the credits of making it happen. The film's protagonist Indran has developed this disorder since his childhood of falling asleep when he is associated with any emotional excitements. He doesn't feel this to be a bane until an incident when if he was awake, things wouldn't have gone bad. He keeps up the will power and struggles to overcome the problems and finally hunts down the baddies responsible for a crime they had committed.

With the first three movies already proving the best in history, it is obvious that Vishal's Naan Sigappu Manithan is going to be another milestone in the journey of this endeavouring concepts.

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