Oru Kanniyum Moonu Kalvaniyum

Okay... neither exceeding nor disappointing your expectations

Reviews 5-Apr-2014 3:14 PM IST RM Comments

Production: JSK Films
Direction: Chimbu Devan
Actors: Arulnidhi, Bindhu Madhavi, Ashrita, Bugs
Music: Sankara Narayanan
Cinematography: SR Kathir
Editing: Raja Mohammad

Nick of time and everyone changes in two minutes (8.59, 9.00 & 9a.m.) That's the game of fate and destiny played by God Bramma, Lord Shiva and Naradhar. They have a multitude of options to choose a person (Arulnidhi) and Lord Shiva sets down to justify his clarification with Naradhar.

Down to earth, it's Arulnidi and Bindhu Madhavi planning up to kidnap the former's girlfriend Isabella (Ashritha Shetty) who is getting married in next couple of hours. Then joins them a couple of buddies in the mission (Bhagavathi Perumal & co) as it isn't just about the friendship, but a leading tycoon (Nasser) has offered them to pay a big amount if the mission is accomplished. Unfortunately, things fail to happen as planned when Arulnidhi is shot dead by Isabella's grandfather (VS Raghavan) during the drama.

But that's not the end.... The celestial rulers reverse the time and make the drama happen again in two different point of times, each in a minute difference.

So what happens then forms crux of the story...

It looks like Chimbu Devan was in a hurry to make this film and certain things make it clear that pre-production phase was limited to just few period. Chimbu Devan has taken a unique theme, which is appreciable, but fails to present it in a perfect way. The screenplay gets little distrated when proceeds to the second version of same drama. While portraying the three versions, he merely changes the camera angles, but audience get little astrayed on hearing the same dialogues over and again. If he had just edited those shots and showed us just the new elements, it would have been more engaging.

Arulnidhi keeps hunting for new scripts and his ambitious motto is appreciable. Apart from his performance, his change in mannerisms and body language has improvised a lot. Bindhu Madhavi rarely has dialogues to render, but her presence adds more intensity to the drama. Her cute looks with Tomboyish appearance is a cool job. Bhagavathi keeps you hooked to the laughter with some of his tints carried from Naduvula Konjam Pakkatha Kaanom. Nasser with his funk-sponged loose hair white wig is a peck of fun to the film. Ashritha Shetty doesn't carry any importance. Nasser is okay. Aadukalam Narain is a good relief.

Chimbu Devan embellishes his hilarious touch in few scenes and one among the best is 'Iranian tea shop' drama that brings in as many characters as possible' - a psycho cop (Aadukalam Narain) desperate to read 'Siruvar Malar', a bunch of hooligans, a funny stall owner (Manobala), Crane Manohar pulling the legs of cop and roughnecks and gun supplier with 'Surya Vamsam' touch. Well, this one particular sequence (narrated in three different angles) keeps us in heavy laugh. Yes, the climax in church, where the guns get juggled, Santa Clauses play pranks and VS Raghavan show difference in his style is a good therapy of fun.

Technically, there isn't much to say about music as the background score is just okay and the songs aren't appealing. In fact, the script doesn't demand a song. Editing should have been the main focus of Chimbu Devan and he should have just avoided repeating certain scenes. He is so much inspired from Tom Tykwer's Run Lola Run (not inspired, but 90% borrowed) and at least should have adapted the similar sleek editing and avoided slow motion sequences.

Overall, the film has some interesting elements, but fails to create the exact impact of what this genre of movies should have really had upon audiences. Chimbu Devan had exquisitely handled a fantasy based script in 'Arai En 305il Kadavul' (again an inspiration from God Almighty) and he makes a good mark up to some extent.

What works - Performances, few comedy sequences, the first version of drama.

What doesn't work - Too lengthy, the usage of same dialogues over and again. editing, unwanted insertion of emotions and lots of flashbacks to establish the relationship of Arulnidhi and Ashritha.

Verdict: Okay... neither exceeding nor disappointing your expectations.

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