"Captain America" The Winter Soldier Review

One of the best from Marvel entertainment!

Reviews 5-Apr-2014 2:15 PM IST Krishna Comments

Productiom: Marvel Entertainment
Tamil nadu Release: UTV
Direction: Anthony Russo, Joe Russo
Cast: Chris Evans, Samuel L.Jackson, Scarlett Johansson
Cinematography: Trent Opaloch
Original Score: Henry Jackman
Editing: Jeffroy Ford

Marvel Entertainment basically known for its comics on Super heroes paved its way into production venture long back with making their heroes to come live and save the people of this world. Though these characters are fictitious, the response and fans for these characters are in billions. One among the Super heroes of Marvel is The first Avenger "Captain America". Though the character is 95 years old he still seems to be like a 25 year old hunk and fights for the freedom and lives of the people.

Story line
The concept of the story is simple as every super hero story. Captain america saves the lives of the people from the baddies. The first action/mission sequence starts when Steve Rogers AKA Captain America saves the hostages who belong to the SHIELD from the hijacked pirates. Nick Fury and Alexander Pierce heads the SHIELD which is in the work creating the most advanced helicarriers.

Then starts the chase to kill Nick and Steve termed to be the cause according to the SHIELD. The balance story emerges with how Captain America finds the cause and finds about HYDRA. Natasha AKA Agent Romanoff, Black widow helps captain in every move to keep the story in full torque and make the visuals more pleasant.

About the Movie
Every fan of Marvel entertainment and the fans of Super heroes would definitely enjoy the movie. The movie goes in such a speed and the character with the Steel hand reminds Loki and Thor of the Thor series.

Chris Evans (Captain America), the hottest hunk in Hollywood captures every heart with the action sequences in the screenplay. As usual Samuel (Nick Fury) comes in the commanding position and stays with the same majesty as he comes in other Avenger series. Scarlett Johansson (Black Widow) is the charming lady who shares the screen space with Chris in action and also gives a special attention to the audience with her looks and moves. Anthony Mackie (Falcon) is a new addiction to the Avengers and does his part well. But we have to wait on till the next part, to know if he is joining the team of the avengers or not.

What works
- Captain America, Captain America, Captain America
- Black widow, Nick, Falcon and Maria hill twists the stories from their part to keep it interesting
- Animation works are too realistic

What did not work
- Same old typo screenplay from Marvel Entertainment
- Easily predictable scenes and climax
- 3D can be worked more for effective visuals

Captain America once again proves that he is the first Avenger and carries every heart with a sweet love. One of the best from Marvel entertainment.

One liner: Hail Captain America.

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