“It’s not a Bond’s French lip-lock with Lakshmi Menon” – Vishal

“It’s not a Bond’s French lip-lock with Lakshmi Menon” – Vishal

News 3-Apr-2014 10:40 AM IST Inian Comments

While a week is left for the release of Vishal’s ‘Naan Sigappu Manithan’, the entire crew was present last evening at Prasad Lab for interacting with media channels pertaining to this project. The film is directed by Thiru and is produced by Vishal under the banner of Vishal Film Factor with UTV Motion Pictures releasing it. With accordance to the film being certified with ‘U/A’, G Dhananjayan, South Chief of UTV Motion Pictures questioned if it was for the sake of ‘violence’ elements and he replied saying, “The film is now approached for revising committee and erstwhile the process, we cannot afford to point the specific reasons. The film has some sequences that is really necessary to the script and the censor board officials didn’t give a ‘cut’ since it would diminish the impact and have henceforth came up with ‘U/A’

Instantly, the attention turned over to Vishal, who asked about the lip-lock with Lakshmi Menon and said, “The film has a couple of enthralling scenes that includes the underwater sequences of me and Lakshmi Menon and other one is the lip-lock. Don’t assume this to be a Bond style of French lip-lock, but something that doesn’t involve vulgarity or romance either.”

Lakshmi Menon who came late apologized due to her shooting schedule and she wasn’t an exception and media jumped up asking her the same question, “I accepted this because the script demanded it,” said Lakshmi, who continued to answer that she will act in similar scenes in future if the reason is justified.

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