Vadivelu wins the applause again

Vadivelu wins the applause again

News 2-Apr-2014 10:02 AM IST RM Comments

As we curiously awaited the comeback of Comedy King Vadivelu, the actor has finally arrived with a big style, in a different role with ‘Thenali Raman’. The film is produced by AGS Entertainment and is directed by Yuvaraj Dhayalan. The film stars Meenakshi Dixit opposite Vadivelu in female lead and has an ensemble star-cast of more than a dozen of actors. The audio launch of this film was held last evening at Prasad Studios in Chennai with Kalpathi Agoram releasing the audio CD and the entire crew of ‘Thenali Raman’ receiving it.

Never giving up his penchant taste of the humorous talk, Vadivelu made everyone remain in complete elatedness saying, “I am sure many are unceasingly questioning me within yourselves ‘Hey, do you really need to do this?’ This is not my decision, but the order of situation. I remained away from spotlights for past 2 ½ years enjoying life. In fact, I got many offers from Telugu and Malayalam as well. But if I had been there, the stories would have been cooked up that my kitty is empty and have no option other than taking up these offers. Although I have been absent on the screens, I have been a part of every family except the fact that my name is not there in their ration card. I made a firm decision that my comeback movie should have a strong characterisation and this how ‘Thenali Raman’ happened. Many had tried to convince the producers that Vadivelu is not the right choice for this film due to my bittersweet scenario in the past. Both of us (he quoted him and the politicians) perform comedy in different aspects.”

Vadivelu continued to add that many junior artists running out of job were given opportunity through this film and so for the musicians. “D Imman has given his best on the musical score. Usually, I say ‘Producers’, but I would like to ennoble Kalpathi Agoram as my ‘Boss’…”

He jocularly added up that Meenakshi Dixit would have got some advices that sharing the screen space with me is the end to her career. “Indeed, it has happened earlier, but I am sure she will make a big time here. Although, I have played the lead role, I will continue to share the screen space with other leading heroes. I earnestly request you to give more courage and support in rendering the best throughout my career,” winded up Vadivelu.

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