Trailer Review: Yaamirukka Bayamey – 100% horror-humour guarantee

Trailer Review: Yaamirukka Bayamey – 100% horror-humour guarantee

Features 1-Apr-2014 9:56 AM IST RM Comments

Horror movies aren't a favourite cup of coffee for many filmmakers in Kollywood. Even the most proficient filmmaker Mani Ratnam had openly admitted that he isn't an expert in making movies of this genre. In fact, the number of such films in our industry doesn’t run more than our fingers. ‘Yaavarum Nalam’, ‘Eeram’ and ‘Pizza’ were the only flicks that made huge mark while rest of them went unidentified. It looks like debutant Deekay’s maiden venture ‘Yaamirukka Bayamey’ is going to be the sure-footed successor. The film stars Krishna, Oviya, Rupa Manjari and Karuna in lead roles and the first look theatrical trailer has offered a punch of spine-tingling moments that leaves you frozen in horror with a peck of humour indeed.

Set in backdrops of hilly mountains, the film’s protagonist is seen converting his ancestral property of a bungalow into a lodge with the aid of his girlfriend Oviya, friends Rupa and Karuna. Their hopes remain stagnated until a couple arrives as their first customer. Envisaging the paradisaical moments that are about to change their fortune, paranormal activities begin to haunt the place. The protagonist gets discombobulated with his pal Karuna’s words becoming a reality. Though the latter admits this to be a coincidence, things get complicated for sure taking everyone by shocking surprises. Who’s this Karuna? How does he predict things by chance that becomes a reality? Is the lodge haunted? Or someone is playing the game of cards?

That’s an appealing stroke that keeps us hooked upon the release of this film.

Verdict: One of the exceptionally best trailers of 2014...

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