Serious condition for Manorama

Serious condition for Manorama

News 31-Mar-2014 10:15 AM IST RM Comments

She has been a phoenix of our generation. It’s a God’s gift to see such a person with so much of confidence and will power that she rose from serious health issues and made a big time in the field of art and cinema. Manorama’s health condition seems to have got little serious and she was rushed immediately to hospital due to heartache and breathing suffocation. The doctors have put their heart-and-soul into her treatment and are giving their best. Manorama has been a part of more than 1000 movies and her scintillating performance won her the title of ‘Lady Sivaji’.

We at Top 10 Cinema pray and wish for her speedy recovery that she may come back on silver screen and entertain us.

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