Need for Speed Movie Review

Not only car lovers, everyone who likes action movies for spending 2 hours, then this is your kinda Flick.

Reviews 29-Mar-2014 1:32 PM IST Krishna Comments

Production : Dream works, Reliance Entertainment
Tamilnadu Release : Anu Roshini Films
Direction : Scott Waugh
Cast : Aaron Paul, Dominic cooper, Imogen Poots
Music : Nathan Frust
Cinematography : Shane Hurlbut
Editing : Paul Rubell, Scott Waugh

In recent times many games are made into movies and movies are releasing their own games. In that order the well known game series "Need For Speed" aka "NFS" has been made into movie. NFS game is a massive hit among the youngsters and car lovers. Has this movie got the same response is the big question.

Story line
As usual its a story that hero takes revenge towards the baddie in the movie. The screenplay by brothers George and John Gatins has made us interesting to watch the movie. A few exotic car races make a visual treat.

Aaron Paul plays the role of a mechanic and also an unbeaten guy on street racing. Dominic cooper offers him a deal for making a Shelby from scratch to stock and if he does so, he will 25% of the selling price. The car sells more than expected by his unmatched driving to attain the top speed. Its there that the ego starts for Dominic and calls his for the race and offers a bigger deal.

Aaron accepts for the deal and takes the race along with his pal Harrison. In race Dominic crashes Harrison's car and kills him. But Aaron is being arrested and after two years of jail he comes back to take the revenge against Dominic. Does he took revenge? Did Dominic die? In what way did Aaron took revenge is the balance movie and it goes like a Buggatti Veyron.

About the Movie
Every fan of NFS game series would definitely watch this movie sitting in the edge of the seats. Director has chosen the places were the race should be kept and has also got claps for it. The race scenes and cop chases add more flavor to the movie. Scott Mescudi receives claps for every scene he appears on screen sorry on air. Starts with a race, gets a twist in a race and concludes in race is what happens in NFS movie.

Aaron Paul who is already famous with his TV series gets one feather to his hat with this movie. Dominic Cooper plays the baddie and excels in his role. Although two gals come on screen (Imogen Poots and Dakota Johnson), Imogen steels the show. Scott mescudi who is seen always on air helping out Aaron gets applauded when ever he appears on screen.

What works
- Director has given a nice screenplay even though its a movie revolving around cars
- Hats off to Cinematographer and Editor for their contribution
- Graphics appear so realistic that we cant differentiate

What did not work
- Logic lacks in many places of cop chases
- Car race lovers will have a bit of betrayal
- 3D can be worked more for effective visuals

Not only car lovers, everyone who likes action movies for spending 2 hours, then this is your kinda Flick.

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