Cuckoo Movie Review

Once in a blue moon, you get to see an enthralling film.

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Production: Fox Star Studios
Direction: Raja Murugan
Starring: Dinesh, Malavika
Music: Santhosh Narayanan
Cinematography: P. K. Varma
Editing: Shanmugam Velusamy

When we travel through buses and trains, we deliberately come across the visually impaired persons and all we can afford them is pity, compassion and charity. But we least do know about them that their lives are bound to bittersweet, happiness, emotions, love and more of our kind. Thanks to Raju Murugan for compiling the poignance of emotions through this drama ‘Cuckoo’.


Tamizh (Dinesh) and Sudhanthira Kodi (Malavika) are visually impaired ones, who experience the vibrations of love as they encounter each other. It all begins as a resentment from Kodi, but later she reciprocates her love for him as well. However, they get to understand their feelings and there begins a beautiful journey of their exceptional saga. But things take a turn when the crooked brother of Kodi fixes her marriage with another person in greed of money.

Will their soulful love win over the hurdles and get united? Watch this gripping ‘lump-on-throat’ drama that gives a mixed feeling of emotions and joy.

Story, screenplay, dialogues and direction

First things first!!! While the complete industry is bound to commercial values, Fox Star Studios deserves special mention for bringing out a beautiful film to us. Raju Murugan, an established writer makes an impressive debut not just showcasing his brilliancies on technical quotients , but embellishes the film with a heart-touching story. Yes, he joins the league of special filmmakers of Tamil film industry in a span of overnight. So far, there have been many films in Tamil industry based on the visually special personalities, but it would either depict the protagonist or any specific character in this role, but ‘Cuckoo’ takes us to their world for the next couple of hours and more. The first half of this film proceeds with lively and humorous moments followed by a heart-wrenching intermission. Though there might be a slight feeling of second hour bound to more length, the engrossing scenes and a delighting climax diminishes these little hurdles.


It’s definitely a huge challenge to actors Dinesh and Malavika, but thy have outmatched many of the best performances of actors who played similar roles. In few places, we tend to feel that Dinesh over-reacts and is hyper-active, but he excels in every factor of proving his proficiency. Malavika goes a step ahead and strikes the jackpot. She is sure to win more laurels for her spellbinding show. But who scores the most is the supporting actor Elango playing the pal of Dinesh. Aadukalam fame Murugadoss does a complete justice to his role.

What works

1. A journey to the unforeseen world on the screens.
2. Casting and performance of actors.
3. The right punch of dialogues.
4. Blissful cinematography, the songs and background score.

What doesn’t work

1. Few sluggish moments in screenplay.
2. The intentional motive of adding certain scenes to gain sympathy for visually impaired persons.
3. Certain scenes could have been avoided.

As mentioned earlier, amidst such commercial entertainer movies, it’s really a glad thing to see such rarities like ‘Cuckoo’ delighting us.

Verdict: Once in a blue moon, you get to see an enthralling film.

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