Aadhiyum Andhamum Movie Review

A tremendous treat for horror film buffs

Reviews 14-Mar-2014 10:01 AM IST Top 10 Comments

Production - RSR Screenz
Director - Kaushik
Cast - Ajay, Kavitha Srinivas, Mitali Agarwal
Director of Photography - D.S.Vaasan
Music Director - L.V.Ganeshan
Editor - M.Ramesh Bharathi

The horror flicks in Tamil industry have always been successful and ‘Pizza’ was a good illustration. The latest one to join the bandwagon is ‘Aadhiyum Andhamum’ that stars Ajay of ‘Kolangal’ TV series fame in lead role. Does the film chill you to the core tingling your spines? Let us have a look on the story followed by a crisp analysis to find out if the film is engaging or not.

Set in backdrops of a college in Ooty, Ajay works as a psychology professor and a psychiatrist. He starts experiencing paranormal activities when a ghostly apparition visits him often. A TV anchor staying at the college feels something unconventional and joins Ajay in unravelling the mystery. Both of them receive a severe objection from the college faculties and this leads the duo to doubt them. Things become terrible when Ajay goes missing and the anchor embarks on the mission of finding him and meets the college head. Do they get back Ajay? Why are the college faculties obstructing his investigations? Who is the ghostly apparition of a woman that visits him often? Why is she visible only to the eyes of Ajay? The answers are unveiled during the second hour of this film.

First and foremost, it’s cinematographer who deserves appreciation for depicting Ooty with scenic beauty and on pars with ‘eerie feeling’ at night times. Director Kaushik is precise with his writing and takes us straight into the film as soon as it begins. He doesn't test our patience and packages an engrossing film in just couple of hours. The first hour completely travels on the spooky elements that keep us excited, but on flip side, the mystery unfolds soon after the intermission. Nevertheless, we are hooked onto the screens till the final credits and Kaushik deserves special mention for this efforts.

The actors have done a decorous performance and Ajay holds the prominent position in making this film more engaging. While he remains to be silent and mysterious during the first half, his lively moments during flashback sequences are balanced equally. Both the female lead actors have lived up to the expectations. The actor as college correspondent takes a cake walk through his role.

What works – Gripping first half, screenplay, cinematography, background score and sound mixing.

What doesn’t work – A mediocre second half...

Verdict: A tremendous treat for horror film buffs.

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