Kadhal Solla Aasai Movie Review

Director Tamizh Seenu has lost a wonderful opportunity to make use of a good producer

Reviews 14-Mar-2014 9:42 AM IST RM Comments

Cast: Ashok, Madhu Raghuram, Washna Ahamad, M.S. Bhaskar, Raj, Rajendran., Ravi Raghav
Director: Tamil Seenu
Producer: Vijayalakshmi
Music: S. Lekha

Following the films like ‘Pidichirukku’ and ‘Kozhi Koovudhu’, Ashok comes up with ‘Kadhal Solla Aasai’. In the past, we have seen many films that devouts to men sacrificing their love for the sake of friendship. Ashok comes from a family of grandfather and father who have been in the police department. The family wants him to be a cop, but he is completely unwilling to this. He comes across a beautiful girl in the workplace he has recently joined and falls in love with her. Initially, she doesn't have any feeling for him, but later develops her affinity for this cute and lovable chap. Their boss’ son Gautham, a close friend of Ashok is laid down with broken heart as his girlfriend had passed away recently. But he finds a revival when he finds Ashok’s ladylove for the identical looks of his dead girl. Both fall in love with the same girl and what happens next has been told with a passable narration.

What turns out to be a huge disappointment in the film is the director himself. The film suffers over a below average script that doesn't impress you anywhere. Most of the scenes are replicated from yesteryear movies and the boredom hits you in the very beginning of this film. It’s a huge question and upheaval that prevails in your mind for next couple of hours. Is it a love story? Action? Drama???? The audience leave out of theatres breaking their minds with annoyance unable to find an answer to this.

The actors have exerted their best to save the ship from sinking, but their efforts go in vain. Ashok has improvised his performance and so is Madhu who plays his close pal. Vaasana Ahmad looks pretty in her homely looks appeals to our eyes, but her characterisation is so bleak.

What works – Actors, cinematography

What doesn’t work – Story, screenplay, music and background music.

Verdict: Director Tamizh Seenu has lost a wonderful opportunity to make use of a good producer.

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