Kochadaiiyaan music review

Kochadaiiyaan music review

Reviews 10-Mar-2014 8:38 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

The show is on and there is no way to put these relentless drums of the beats and orchestral celebration down for the next coming months. The nine tracks from superstar Rajnikanth’s ‘Kochadaiiyaan’ are nothing but the rebirth of Nava Rathnas rendered by AR Rahman. Yes, the academy award ever since his triumph from Slumdog Millionaire has been trying to savour the international audience by scoring certain music that was quite unapt for the regional audiences, but this time, he takes us straight to the global arena with his complete involvement. Touted to be the first of kind film to be made based on motion capture technology, the film marks the directorial debut of Soundarya Rajnikanth.

Engal Kochadaiiyaan
Performance by Kochadaiiyaan Ensemble

Every second is the track is spangled with impeccable music and a decorous chorus. It gives an immense royal feel with more involvement of percussions. And for Rajnikanth fans, there is a super surprise for this visual on the screens.

Engae Pogudho Vaanam
Singers: SP Balasubramaniam

The song needs no introduction as it made huge waves right before three months. The track holds more prominence with its lyrical lines and the musical score is beyond excellence. The vocalism rendered by SP Balasubramaniam is one of the major highlights in this song and it is a custom-made track for superstar Rajnikanth.

Singer: Chinmayee

Very often, AR Rahman chooses Chinmayee for melodious tracks, especially for the pathos that carry a lot of emotional quotients. This one will surely enable the listeners, especially the female groups to relate with this track and she can expect some good awards.

Karma Veeran
Singers: AR Rahman, AR Raihanah

It sounds like the song is dedicated to the ‘Eelam Tamilians’. Rahman has exerted more intense and immense effort evokes the right feeling. The song is about discovering the hero within you and every line is so much compelling.

Manapennin Sathyam
Singers: Latha Rajnikanth

Ladies!!! Time to dedicate the song to your beloved ones… Latha Rajnikanth has rendered this song with so much of emotions and passions. It will be a diehard song for every woman on this planet. It is an amalgamation of love, passion, lust and affection from a woman for her husband.

Manamaganin Sathyam
Singers: Haricharan

This time, it comes from a man and his promises to his soul mate. The affections of a man in different dimensions as father, son, friend, husband and a passionate lover has been very well embellished by the lyrical lines of Vairamuthu and wonderful rendering by Haricharan.

Maatram Ondru
Singers: Rajnikanth, Haricharan

Hear it 1000 times and you will never feel it grow old. Hats off to the entire makers of this song – from the lyricist, composer and chorus for making it so appealing… AR Rahman ropes in superstar Rajnikanth for giving out the best inspirational lines. Although, Haricharan pulls out his complete energy, it’s super dialogues by Rajnikanth that becomes more powerful.

Singers: SP Balasubramaniam, Sadhna Sargam

The song is a complete romantic duet between the lead pairs. AR Rahman has brought in a couple of voices that is matured in its own style. SP Balasubramaniam and Sadhna Sargam have crooned the song with more elegance and their graceful refinement in vocalism turn us on with romantic celebrations.

Rana’s dream
London Session’s Orchestra

A beautiful work by the instrumental exponents of London session… Let us put it this way! The song outmatches Rahman’s most outmatching orchestral score of Endhiran during the final credits. The song will surely have its realms with the visuals.

Overall, ‘Kochadaiiyaan’ brings the best from AR Rahman and every song in this album belongs to the top-notch quality. We would personally request to you buy the original CDs and experience the new age music of Rahman on home systems.

Verdict: Welcome to the dawn of new music.

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