15 Unknown facts about the gorgeous B’day girl Eva Mendes

15 Unknown facts about the gorgeous B’day girl Eva Mendes

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She is a blend of gorgeous and graceful looks. Her performance is beyond the crème de la crème quotients and today (March 5), Eva Mendes celebrates her birthday today (March 5) and Top 10 Cinema brings you 15 unknown facts about this missy.

1. Eva Mendes is born to Cuban parents in Miami, Florida.

2. She had a bitter childhood as her parents divorced at her early age.

3. She was solely raised by her mother. In an interview, Mendes has disclosed that her mother suffered a lot to make her daughter’s life good.

4. When she was young, Mendes aspired to become a nun but dropped the idea when her sister jocularly told they don’t get paid.

5. She dropped her marketing major at California State University for pursuing acting.

6. Mendes took up training in acting under Ivana Chubbuck and her role model is Cindy Crawford.

7. Mendes once worked for 'Hot Dog on a Stick' at Glendale Galleria Mall, California.

8. Her big break was Training Day in which she starred opposite Denzel Washington. The duo came together in Out of Time too.

9. She was paired opposite Will Smith in the Hitch (2005).

10. Mendes has recorded one of the versions of The Windmills of Your Mind. She had as well collaborated with Cee Lo Green for a song titled Pimps Don't Cry.

11. She rendered her voice for 'Bienvenido a Miami' in Will Smith's "Miami" album and also appeared in the music video along with Smith. When she revealed this during the rehearsals of Hitch (2005), Will Smith sheepishly admitted that he did not remember her.

12. Following the footsteps of Cindy Crawford, Julianne Moore and Halle Berry, Eva Mendes is one among these classic actresses to appear in the television and print ads of Revlon. She is also a very enthusiastic supporter of 'Revlon's Fight against Breast Cancer'.

13. From 2002 to 2010, Mendes was in a relationship with George Augusto and later with Ryan Gosling.

14. Eva Mendes owns a Belgian Malinois dog. She gives command in French since the dog is trained in this language. These breeds are considered the most intelligent and are used by the United States SEAL teams.

15. Remembering her childhood days and teens, Mendes has revealed that her sisters and brothers would call her “Bugs” since she has the hugest overbite but she never fixed it because she considers it as her identity.

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