Thegidi Movie Review

Lacks the thrill elements

Reviews 28-Feb-2014 5:58 PM IST Chandru Comments

When Vetri (Ashok Selvan) received an appointment letter to join a detective agency in Chennai, he is assigned to follow the 'Subjects' (metaphorical term for the persons he follows) to collect more data about them. It's when he falls in love with one of them - Madhu (Janani Iyer). But things take a turn when he realises that his 'subjects' are mystersiouly killed in accidents. Are they really accidents? So what would happen to his girlfriend?

Debutant Ramesh has conceptualised a good story, though the plot might sound little identical to Argentine film Carancho is worthy of appreciations. Not many have experimented with this genre and Ramesh deserves a special pat for this. But the presence of 'amateur short filmmaking attributes' are little prevalent everywhere into the film. The characterisations are not so stark and despite the small duration (121 minutes), the narrative style, it keeps you dull in few places.

Ashok Selvan looks cute, handsome and possesses all the characteristics of a romantic guy, but is little far away from the role of a 'detective'. Being a MA Criminology student, he should have been capable knowing the theoretical habits of this profession. The director should have imposed this into this characterisation. The methods of following in bikes and cars is an old-age formula and looks little amateur.

The first half of this film is out-and-out of circle from the conflict and few suspense elements in the second hour keeps you engrossed. Janani Iyer captures your senses with her beauteous looks, but lacks substantiality in her character. Kaali Venkat as Ashok's pal Nambi keeps you little entertained with his witty mannerisms. But everything looks contradictory as the film doesn't give any 'thrill' moments. The twist in climax is purposely added to offer a 'Hollywood' feel. Pradeep Nair and Jayakumar are okay with their characters. Jayaprakash in a cop role does a decent job.

The earnest efforts by Chandra Nivas is very much evident with the background score. Cinematography is a highlighting trait and editing by Leo John Paul is the convincing point for making the film sleek in few places.

Though the basic plot of this film is unique, the screenplay turns out to be a spoiler for the sluggish moments and lack of perfection.

What works - Background score, cinematography and basic plot
What doesn't work - screenplay, performance, logics missing, dull moments

Final Take - Lacks the thrill elements.

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