Velaiyilla Pattathari-Music Review

Velaiyilla Pattathari-Music Review

Reviews 15-Feb-2014 10:07 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

VIP happens to be Dhanush’s 25th film and anticipations were hitting high on lines for the actor’s collaboration with Anirudh, who together delivered the global fever hit ‘Kolaveri’ and a sensational album of ‘Moonu’. The duo following the success of ‘Ethir Neechal’ is back with ‘Velaiyilla Pattathari’.

The album takes off with the title track ‘Velaiyilla Pattathari’ rendered by Anirudh Ravichander and Agilan Elamkovan. The song sounds little powerful in the beginning, but has a strong trace of ‘rap portions’ of ‘Nejamellam Marandhu Pochu’ from Ethir Neechal. Anirudh gears up with heavy noisy track, which may damage your earphones indeed.

What follows next is a melody that establishes the pathos of a son in deep agony of missing his mother. The song is completely in the style of Anirudh, but it’s the lyrics (when you have something about ‘Mother’ it will create a moist in eyes irrespective of words). Dhanush has crooned the song with simplicity, but it’s Janaki leaving you awestruck. The orchestral chorus in the interludes enlivens the feelings of this song. This will leave your eyes in tears and Janaki deserves all praises.

‘Po Indru Neeyaga’ begins with signature music similar to ‘3’. The lyrics are just mediocre and it looks like Dhanush is not interested in giving some captivating lyrics, but just normal ones. The music is just okay.. Anirudh doesn’t make any difference and he is into the same box of melody.

‘What a Karavad’ is for the ones waiting to shake legs for fast beat Kuthu song. The track begins with the rendition by Dhanush, which is too close to ‘Sarakku Vechurukken’ from Shahjahan. The prelude in Nathaswaram is again a replication of Yuvan Shankar Raja’s ‘Kozhi Kokkara Kozhi’ from Winner. The song is just a below average and there is nothing special about it.

‘Ey Inga Paaru’ is a slow paced track that travels slightly on the lines of ‘Bhoomi Enna Soothuthey’.

‘Udhungada Sangu’ is at least a little consolation to the track and Anirudh has saved this ship from sinking. The song will win a good reception from the hardcore fans of Dhanush. Anirudh and Noor Azwan have made it enjoyable. The verses slightly reminiscence of some of his previous songs…

The album ends with ‘Sunrise Theme’ is yet another theme music in the style of Anirudh… But he doesn’t get out of his usual paradigm and it sounds somewhat like a collage of his previous musical compositions.

Except the portions of ‘Janaki’ in ‘Amma Amma’ and a masala treat for ‘Udhungada Sangu’, the songs are not completely enjoyable. Anirudh drops down the graph with VIP and he has to jump out of his zone and try something unique to retain his position. The overconfidence of Dhanush and Anirudh seems to prevail everywhere in the album and there is nothing new in the songs.

Verdict:Disappointing spell by Anirudh

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