Five Best Romantic Films You Gift Your Valentine

Five Best Romantic Films You Gift Your Valentine

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It's a special moment for all of us. LOVE - a gift that Almighty endows in everyone. From the single celled creature to the human world, the lives are defined by the love we offer to others. Valentine may sound to be a part of West-toxication just as a fashion, but there lies a long history behind the Valentine Day. It was a man's sacrifice to bring two hearts together irrespective of so many hurdles, which cost his life indeed. We bring you some of the best 5 movies from Hollywood to Kollywood that will redefine what LOVE really means.

Several filmmakers have been inspired by this film and it will remain to be the same for ages to come. The film traverses through the ageless phase of a boy and girl, who are bound to soulful love till the end. If you haven't believed in TRUE LOVE yet, watch this film and you'll shed tears in joy and pain.

Forrest Gump

Love can cure all your illness. Love can bring hope into your hearts banishing the pains, bringing joy to the universe. Tom Hanks in this beautiful love story is depicted as a person with low IQ, but manages to steal an important position in the history. The things he does becomes a remarkable event and the whole America praises him, but this is not Forrest Gump wanted... All he wanted was his chidlhood friend Jenny, who never gives her heart to him till the last. But his hope and love continues to prevail.


How can you define the intensity of love that is showcased here? The emergence of new era of romance arrived with this film. The film about a beautiful relationship that prevails between a prince and a court dancer, which indeed results in the upheavals about the former and his father, Emperor Akbar. Prithviraj Kapoor and Madhubala made a stunning show in this iconic film.

A Moment to Remember

This Korean movie is so soft and gives a best feel to your heart. 'LOVE IS IMMORTAL' and is related to physical presence is a stark verdict you can draw from this film. It's a tale of young couple, whose life are shattered when one of them is diagnosed with a rare disease.

My Girl and I

The memories of first love let you cherish at first and then lament. This has been an usual theory that we have been experiencing till now. Rethink and you'll do it after watching this film. It's a film that will send you in heavy rush of lump in your throats and we bet you, you will not leave your love's hand after this show, especially with the climax.

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