Is 'Thanga Meengal' Ram Trying to Grab Western Fame?

Is ‘Thanga Meengal’ Ram trying to grab western fame?

Reviews 10-Feb-2014 10:26 AM IST RM Comments

First thing you’ll instantly wonder – is director Ram trying to grab the international fame just like ‘Kolaveri’ Dhanush. It’s obvious that he has transcended to a different panorama of having Andrea croon this single track ‘The Soul of Taramani’. Yes, her voice is perfect and the picturing is stupendous. But tell us one thing Ram, “Is this English song an intriguing part of this film. Even then, why should you bring it in as a single track? Is it to impress the Anurag Kashyaps and Mumbaikars to your movies?

Getting on with the song, it’s a mediocre one and maybe, Andrea face value and new attempt of bringing English track to this album might bring in the so-called boisterous Tanglish group to this video.

Kudos to the team!!! But this isn’t the style of Ram....

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