Will Kollywood help Asin ?

Will Kollywood help Asin ?

News 6-Feb-2014 1:19 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Asin was one of the leading heroine in bollywood past 2years back. But the last movie released for her in bollywood was "Khiladi 786" which was released on 2012. The fact was, she did not have any releases on 2013 and she is been the lead actress alongside Abishek Bachan for his upcoming movie "All is Well", which is scheduled for releasing this december. This is the only on going project in bollywood and no future projects has been scheduled for Asin.

Asin avoided the chances offered by south indian films when she entered bollywood, but now she tends to act in south indian language movie as she has no other lineups for the entire year and also in the future.

Will Kollywood, Tollywood or Mollywood help Asin...?

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