'Thegidi' Music Review

A mix of pleasant and powerful tracks

Reviews 6-Feb-2014 11:45 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Thirukumaran Entertainment and Abhi & Abhi Pictures has been constantly producing top-notch quality flicks with new-dimensional themes. Here comes ‘'Thegidi' Music Review’ that peaks up our expectations merely with the first look teaser and posters. The film is directed by newcomer Ramesh and stars Ashok Selvan-Janani Iyer in lead roles. The film also has a promising cast of Jayakumar, Jayaprakash, Kaali, Pradeep Nair, Rajan Iyer, Sai, Sivakumar, Soundarajan and many others. Debutant Nivas Prasanna has come up with some splendid songs.

The album opens with ‘Yaar Ezhudhiyadho’ is an unparalleled melody and it’s evident that Nivas has taken scrutinizing efforts in nurturing this song. Moreover, the beautiful rendition by Sathya Prakash Dharmar makes it more appealing. A song to fall in love at the first time and such is the lyrical style of Kabilan.

What comes next is quite an unusual track that we often don’t have here in our industry. It’s a murder mystery film and we are taken to the puzzling zone by Andrea. Her approach to the song gives an enigmatic effect and yes, she does a ‘X-Files’ here. The musical composition and sound mixing holds a prominent position.

Vinmeen Vithaiyil comes different in an order. While the previous tracks held it emphasis in a different spell, this one stands out to be a unique stroke as well. The singers Abhay Jodhpurkar and Saindhavi Prakash afford to electrify the song and yes, it might take some time to capture the universal music listeners.

Ajesh Ashok indeed takes an immense effort it turning ‘Kangalai Oru’ as a groovy track, but it sounds like a situational song and might get on well with the film. It all depends on the placement of tracks.

The album wraps up with a powerful and peppy band work by Shankar Mahadevan. The song is almost like a fusion and the veena works by Rajesh Vaidhya is so compelling. The orchestration becomes the top order here and is done with an impeccable panache. Kudos to the entire team that worked on this song and it looks like this would come as a promo-song.

You might wonder, what’s the need for so many songs doing in a mystery thriller, but we believe that most of them might appear as a background score. For now, we give a huge applause for Nivas Prasanna for fueling up the album with brilliant and innovative music.

Verdict:A mix of pleasant and powerful tracks.

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