'No One Has a Heart Like Ajith' - Gautham

'No one has a heart like Ajith' - Gautham

News 5-Feb-2014 9:58 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

There was a time before few years, when we heard this harsh statement from Gautham Menon for a leading newspaper - "I don't want to work with the ones, who don't have their heads firmly fixed over their shoulders." And again, when the filmmaker was there to attend a college culturals, the students fondly asked him, "When are you going to work with Thala?" to which he replied, "Who is Thala?"

When everything was going clean and steady for this filmmaker, an unexpected series of bizarre came through the flop of Neethaane En Ponvasantham followed by few legal issues that completely broke him. Adding more to these pathetic scenarios was a leading actor suddenly parting ways with the filmmaker on the spur of moment. Finally, he was solaced with Ajith Kumar's sudden offer.

In a recent interview, Gautham said, "Ajith had lined up three leading directors for a project to work with soon after the release of 'Veeram'. And I was not there in that list. But he came up with a good heart and offered "Gautham, come up with a fresh script and let us change the situation..."

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