Vishal Falls, Varalaxmi weeps and Trisha disappointed

Vishal falls, Varalaxmi weeps and Trisha disappointed

News 3-Feb-2014 11:51 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

The entire stadium of Chinnaswamy in Bengaluru was spangled with huge crowds and there was nothing that could put down their spirits. It was all about the gripping match that happened between Chennai Rhinos and Karnataka Bulldozers held last night. It was a complete disappointment to see Chennai Rhinos losing on the spur of moment to Karnataka Bulldozers lead by Sudeep. Chasing a huge score of 194 in 20 Overs, Karnataka required hitting 14 runs in just 3 balls.

With Shanthanoo taking up the final over, he made a blunder of no ball and it was 2 sixes in 2 balls that tied up the match. Vishal fell on the ground with a complete disappointment and Varalaxmi was weeping so badly and Trisha, the team’s brand ambassador was so much disappointed.

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