We become ‘Jokers’ in this Rummy

Reviews 31-Jan-2014 6:30 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

We feel the need for a sarcastic analysis now. The makers of ‘Rummy’ could have hosted a ‘Best Predictor Award’ and for sure, the complete theatre would be declared as winners. Filmmaker Balakrishnan ensured patently with the title that ‘Rummy’ is going to be a rural thriller with an unforeseen script, but what you gain is nothing but a lump of disappointment on your shoulders. And if you’re asking out for entertainment factors, there is nothing much on the screens, but the audience will amuse you vividly with their comments and hilarious hullabaloos.


If you got to know? Please let us know… We tried our best, but couldn’t….


Director has a note in the introduction scene – 1987 Sivagangai. Yes, the caste and love factors are here and there, but with no substantial drama. The making style is like the film was made during the year and is now having a postponed release.


Inigo Prabhakaran can contest for ‘High School Best Performer’ awards and we’re sure he will win ‘Consolation Prize’. Even his crucial emotions turn out to be a comic for audience. Gayathri is village costumes runs here and there, but has no scope to perform. Ishwarya appears somewhere in the frame and gives a ‘Kovilpatti Veeralakshmi’ effect during climax (Trust us!!! There is huge laughter in the theatres with claps)….. Soori tries his best, but fails. The font used for Vijay Sethupathi name during title credits was nice. Are you asking something? What? Vijay Sethupathi? Oh no!! We didn’t see him anywhere.

Music and cinematography

D Imman tries hard and hard to give his best on background score. He deserves the praises at least for keeping us little hooked onto the film. ‘Kooda Mela Kooda Vachu’ is the only relief and rest are not up to the mark. Cinematography is so amateur and shot composition is one among the below average short films you would have seen on YouTube.

Verdict: We become ‘Jokers’ in this Rummy.

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