Inga Enna Solludhu

 Lifeless and low spirited one!

Reviews 30-Jan-2014 4:00 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

The film is directed by Vincent Selva and produced by VTV Ganesh, the film has an ensemble cast cameo appearances like STR, Andrea Jeremiah, art director Rajeevan, editor Anthony, Santhanam and filmmaker KS Ravikumar.

The film chronicles through the life of VTV Ganesh and his encounters with many people influencing his life in both ways – good and bad.

Let’s not overrate or underrate, IES is a very dull drama that doesn’t have a single lively moment. Albeit the short duration of just 2 hrs 4 minutes, the film is neither racy nor feel-good entertainer… It is fallible everywhere in spite of having a decent one line story. This genre of movies were quite popular during the 80s, say for instance the ones that came from the office of director Visu.

VTV Ganesh seems to have banked his hopes that his voice factors would alone win him laurels, but after a certain extent you don’t feel like airing out your laugh and so for Santhanam, who seems to have tried a different role here (a surprise and relief at end). Meera Jasmine was supposedly the one who had to gain more prominence, but she fails to impress. It looks like Silambarasan was not at all interested in taking up this offer and has done it incisively for his friend VTV Ganesh. There was a huge hype that the onscreen chemistry between STR and Andrea is extraordinary, but all fails our expectations. KS Ravikumar does his part well. Swarnamalya, Rajeevan and Anthony have no significance in the script.

Technically, the songs are below average and the background score doesn’t suit to the film. Overall, Inga Enna Solludhu is a disappointing show with no lively moments, but a package of unconnected events in the screenplay. The film was supposed to be an emotional drama, but doesn’t kick up the factor at any point of time.

Verdict: Lifeless and low spirited one.

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