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Inspiring film for the aspirers

Reviews 30-Jan-2014 3:56 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

The film has a strong plot, stark characterisations and a pertinent set of actors carrying the entire film on their shoulders. That’s a boon to any producer for a filmmaker to have such bankable assets to strike the gold. ‘Goli Soda’ had mediocre expectations prior to the release for its subtle lead actors (albeit the ascribing factors of Pandiraj’s ‘Pasanga’), but the scenarios commute to the other end with the film turning to be a good one.

A raw-cult drama (a predominant aspiration to become a avant-garde filmmaker should have propelled Vijay Milton to push with this genre of flick) and that’s how you’ll claim this film to be. The film centers on a bunch of budding adolescents roaming as vagabonds across the Koyambedu market. The world means nothing more than this place to them. A situation and dreams of incredulous scales to achieve bring in them a desire to start their own venture and we have a bigwig ‘Naidu’ helping them out. But as their growth becomes the talk of town, the same Samaritan turns out to be their Satan.

Vijay Milton throws up a simple yet appealing showpiece that you’ll brood even aftermath the show. This could have been a film with big four stars, but the filmmaker has it all endeavoured with four kids. The essence is purely the engrossing screenplay and there is nowhere you turn scattered. The dialogues are the punch of thrust that wins the applause and the standing ovation for climax is a plus. ‘Pasanga’ lead cast has done a prodigious attempt with different looks. Looking out for the greatest plus in the cast – Madhu Sudhan who turns up the show with more grandiosity as baddie ‘Naidu’ followed by Sujatha, Imman, Chandini and others have equaled up for a compelling show.

Songs by S.N. Arunagiri and background score by Seelin are the top of honours. Cinematography by Vijay Milton is a boon. There are some illogical elements where you find these kiddos bashing down the baddies and unlocking the mazes.

Overall, ‘Goli Soda’ is fairly a larger exemplification on how things can work out best results for a film to succeed.

Verdict: Inspiring film for the aspirers

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