Ner Ethir

the film is a good watch and the thrilling elements spices up the entertainment quotient!

Reviews 25-Jan-2014 2:43 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Karthik (Richard) and Kathir (Parthy) are very close friends and are extremely honest to each other. As Kathir is engaged to Isha (Vidhya), the wedding arrangements are at a fast pace. In the meantime, Isha books room in a hotel at a city for a very long time (such as a couple of days), and this invokes doubts in Kathir who follows her. He eventually books a room just opposite to Isha's by bribing Neeraavi (M.S Bhaskar).

With growing suspicion, Kathir peeks into the room of Isha through the door lens. Now, Kathir becomes extremely furious on Isha having discovered that the latter's intentions are not good. Intending to kill Isha, Kathir phones Karthik and asks him to come to the hotel. At the same time Karthik's girlfriend Nethra (Aishwarya) also arrives at the hotel.

Well, why Nethra comes to the hotel, what happens when Karthik arrives and what Kathir sees in the room forms the crux of the story.

While how swiftly director Jayapradeep moves the story with just five characters leaves us amazed, there are a little flaws when it comes to the screenplay. It is worth mentioning that Cinematographer Rasamathi has simply handled the camera perfectly suiting this crime noir and Editor Gopi Krishna has done his job to best perfection.

As the tunes of Satish Chakravarthy are quite appealing to the senses of the audience, there is a slight touch of Hollywood in a few places and the dialogues of Parthy could have been made better. Though the film runs of nearly 140 minutes, they story stagnates in a few places and the attempted comedies disturbs the theme of the film. On the whole, the film is a good watch and the thrilling elements spices up the entertainment quotient.

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