Jilla movie review

Average entertainer

Reviews 10-Jan-2014 10:15 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

An emotional conflict between father and son.

Director Nesan doesn't pick a complex story, but goes for a simple one etched with emotions and decorous performance. When you see the brands 'Mohanlal' and 'Vijay' coming together, the excitements pull up and the urge to watch the film increases. Yes, the show is on and we have these reigning actors exerting their best efforts.

Sakthi aka Jilla (Vijay) is orphaned over the death of his father, who loses life on saving his master Siva (Mohanlal). Adopting Sakthi as his son, both of them become so much acquainted and rule the entire Jilla of Madurai. Situations urge Sakthi to take up a job that he hated from his childhood – Police (his father gets killed by a cop). However, things are tossed unexpectedly when Sakthi starts questioning his father and misunderstandings create hostility.

The definer of genius indeed!!! Mohanlal keeps you in complete awe throughout the show. Although, he doesn't get much scope, he does his role perfect and even gains huge respect from Vijay fans (the theatre observes silence and doesn't react while Vijay mocks up Mohanlal). The scene where you see his eyes in moist followed by the humiliation of police officer is heart-wrenching. Vijay doesn't need a review or criticism. He is an entertainer and does his part good. His humour elements are so nice and he tickles your funny bones in few places (The flashback of his grandfather, a police officer in second half). On the flip side, his mannerisms adopted from 'Pokkiri' could have been avoided and so for his loud voice punch dialogues. Kajal Aggarwal doesn't appear anywhere close to her role in 'Thuppakki'. She looks beautiful is songs, but her makeover is so disappointing in rest of the film. In fact, her performance isn't up to the mark. Mahat is just okay. Poornima Bhagyaraj makes up for best emotions on mother-son sentiments. Nivedha Thomas fits the role of sister to T and her encounters with Vijay in second half is worthy of claps. Sampath is a surprise. Ravi Mariah with his tonsured head lacks substantiality.

D Imman goes for same background music over and again, but a couple of songs are good. 'Kandhaangi' and 'Mama Yeppa Treat' are very well choreographed and pictured. Don Max fails terribly with his editing and there are lots of discontinuities involved in the film, which becomes a little minus. The running length of 3hrs 2 minutes could have been trimmed to make the screenplay crispy, which is predictable in many parts. The CG works are unacceptable. With so many technological advancements happening, it's ridiculous to see Vijay in the backdrops of below average blue matte shots in few places.

Overall, Jilla is a passable entertainer that can be enjoyed watching once. Kudos to the performance of Mohanlal and Vijay!!! It's a new combination and yes, they make it happen with their presence in spite of some sluggish moments.

Verdict: Average entertainer.

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