Madhayaanai Koottam Movie Review

Good attempt with less impact

Reviews 26-Dec-2013 2:28 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

This year has been quite a tremendous one for GV Prakash as he has persistently delivered some Chartbuster albums and now as 2013 ends, he has come up with his maiden production titled ‘Madha Yaanai Koottam’. Has the film as suggested by GV Prakash stands up to the global standard, let us go for sneak analysis.

The film has a simple plot centering on the most respected village elder. Married to two wives, the story proceeds with the feud between both the families… The film has a simple plot and director Vikram Sugumar has tried to make it more appealing with his own efforts. With around 150 movies releasing in 2013, the director has captured the ethnicity of culture and tradition with more efficiency in the rural backdrops and special mention for this factor. A very long time after ‘Paruthiveeran’, the village based story gets a realistic touch and so is the portrayal of funeral rites carried on with best approach.

Newcomer Kathir has exerted his best efforts look fit and suit the role at best. Oviya doesn’t have importance in the script and appears for few scenes (not more than 4-5) and a song sequence. More importance is given to the actors in the roles of Murugan G, Velarama Moorthy, Viji and Kalai Arasan. Cinematographer Rahul Tharuman has come ahead with captivating shots and he is sure to rock in the industry with his creative abilities. The musical score by N.R. Raghunandhan is an additional attraction. The dialogues laced with emotions and humour makes the script more intense…

In spite of having so many pluses in the film, the flimsy script and loopholes in screenplay make it little sluggish and ineffective. The film doesn’t require any romantic quotients, but yet it has been purposely included for the sake of commercial elements. As we walk out of theatres, the emotional intensity lacks due to the improper climax. But we can wholeheartedly appreciate producer GV Prakash and director Vikram Sugumar for attempting a film with good caliber.

Verdict: Good attempt with less impact

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