Endrendrum Punnagai

Can watch it once

Reviews 20-Dec-2013 7:08 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

The story centers on three childhood friends - Gautham (Jiiva), Sri (Vinay) and Baby (Santhanam). Sri and Baby are fun-loving persons and they are settled with the family lives, but Gautham has an aversion towards girls and marriage due to his buried past. But everything changes when he comes across smart and beautiful Priya (Trisha).

Ahmad’s debut directorial ‘Vaamanan’ was based on Christopher Nolan’s Following… It was bound to mixed reviews and yet the technical aspect was very much appreciated including the performance of star-cast. Over here, the director tries to jump out of his old box and try something fresh here. The film has an onionskin plot about friendship and love, but the treatment is pleasant. Every actor has lived the role so casually and the emotions depicted in them are done with special treatment. Jiiva looks little similar to his get-up in KV Anand’s Ko and his performance is so natural. He doesn’t over-react in the emotional scenes, but makes an impressive show. Trisha looks simple and beautiful sans overdose of makeover. Her dialogue deliveries are simple and onscreen chemistry with Jiiva has worked out well. Vinay as Jiiva’s friend does complete justice to the role. Santhanam might not amuse you with rib-tickling comedy tracks, but will keep your lips sparkling with smiles. Andrea Jeremiah in an extended cameo looks perfect. Nasser excels in his role and leaves you in tears at few places.

This may not be the best breezy feel-good entertainer, but is moderately okay. Incisively, the film will cater to the taste of multiplex audience. The relationship between father and son (Nasser and Jiiva) is etched with neatness and the mutual understanding between Jiiva and Trisha is decorous. More than anything, the friendship between Jiiva, Vinay and Santhanam has been crafted well.

The background score and songs by Harris Jayaraj are passable. Cinematography by Mathi is a highlighting element. The rich colours embellish each and every frame. The camera works even make the dull moments in the film quite enjoyable. Editing by Praveen and Srikanth holds special mention as the transition between the scenes is so smooth.

Although there are some light moments in the script, the beautiful cinematography and costumes in addition to the performances are actors.

Verdict: Can watch it once

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