Ben Stiller To Quit Acting

Ben Stiller To Quit Acting

News 19-Dec-2013 1:51 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Ben Stiller may quit acting to become a full-time director, we hear!!!

The actor-and-director enjoyed making his latest film 'The Secret Life of Walter Mitty' - in which he has not only acted but directed as well so much that he is actually thinking of becoming a fully fledged director!!!

Stiller praised the three years he worked on 'Mitty' as an ''incredible experience'' and ''a gift'', adding: ''As a director I feel much more freedom. There are just so many different kinds of movies that I can make that aren't limited by who I am as an actor.''
He revealed: ''I definitely could see myself just directing, for sure. That's where I'd love to end up.''
The global star has raked millions with blockbuster movies such as 'There's Something About Mary', the 'Night at the Museum' franchise and the 'Meet the Parents' movies.
Stiller admits he much preferred directing than acting in 'Tropic Thunder', which co-starred Robert Downey Jr., further hinting at its sequel in the pipeline!!

In the Oscar buzz generating ‘The Secret Life of Walter Mitty’ releasing on 3rd January, Stiller portrays a good-hearted but sad-sack loner who has known sadness, sacrificed for others and toiled all but invisibly for 16 years in the photo processing department at waning Life magazine. A perpetual daydreamer prone to awkwardness, he develops a crush on a co-worker (Kristen Wiig), but before he can muster the courage to do anything about it, he loses a photo from a famous photographer (Sean Penn), prompting his new boss (a heavily bearded Adam Scott) to announce that he will lose his job if he doesn't find it. In order to track it down, Walter Mitty must finally go out and experience the world.

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