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One of the best socio-commercial movies...

Reviews 13-Dec-2013 11:15 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Simple, crisp and electrifying!!! This will be your stark take on Ivan Vera Mathiri as you step out of the show. The duration is quite moderate and every minute is filled with engrossing elements. We would say, it's a difficult attempt for a filmmaker to craft a screenplay that centers on a simple plot. Socio-commercial movies win the day in box office and Yes, Saravanan has joined this league now. What makes IVM different from any other movies of this genre is the treatment.

The film is loosely based on the Chennai Law College issue that shook the Nation for an undisciplined decorum of Law & Order. As the film opens, we are introduced to this very backdrop of a crisis created by Law Minister (Hariraj) in the college. Immediately, there is an upheaval in the campus and many are injured leaving three students brutally murdered. Media channels as it happens usually start discussing this issue on TV and radio. It's when an ordinary lay man Gunasekaran (Vikram Prabhu), who is just a TV viewer takes things in charge to set things right. How can he do it when he even cannot get near such powerful people? Watch it on the screens to enjoy the roller-coaster ride.

First things first, Saravanan deserves the best appreciations for his screenplay and casting of actors. Vikram Prabhu effortlessly makes an impressive performance and his mannerisms are so perfect that he fits the space of a 'Ram Gopal Varma-Manirathnam actor' tag. Be the action packed sequences or the romantic ones (a different shade), he pulls out the perfection with his earnest efforts. In fact, the audience will easily start identifying themselves with his character: thanks to Saravanan for sketching such a role for Vikram Prabhu. Newcomer Surabhi might not have such a meaty role like Anjali & Ananya as in Engeyum Eppothum, but creates a refreshing ambience with her presence. Her innocence and neat performance embellishes the film to a good extent. The hilarious sequence between Vikram and Surabhi that includes fish and baby sequence is incisively groovy. Her act of playing the best table tennis to prove her love is a sweet one.

Ganesh Venkatram as a honest cop spells the best. Your hands will go irresistibly applauding for his backlash dialogue on a corrupt officer "Send your daughters to prostitution instead of betraying the police department for money. Aren't you paid for your service and why the hell you turn out to be a traitor?" Vamsi Krishna as baddie is perfect choice. The way he traces his hunter with the bank account number written unconsciously on mud is a cherry-pick. The scene where he asks for a bike drop from Vikram unaware about his identity is a splendid twist that is followed by a mind-boggling action sequence. The first half of the film has a very little slow progress, but as it proceeds to the second hour, the momentum is over the top.

Technically, the background score by Sathya intensifies the gripping elements of screenplay. The songs are cool and the picturing by Shakthi deserves a special mention. The action sequence, dialogues and screenplay that comes as a package of appreciable performance makes Ivan Vera Mathiri, a commendable movie.

Verdict: One of the best socio-commercial movies...

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