Rajini facts 64- part 3

Rajini facts 64- part 3

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Superstar Rajinikanth facts #45
During the days when Rajini worked as conductor he used to attract people by speaking in Kannada all of a sudden.

Superstar Rajinikanth facts #46
In early days Rajini will be accompanied by a small boy to shooting spots to carry his Cigars and match box. After lighting the cigar Rajini will throw the match box always and boy should catch it without letting it fall down, this is to check whether the boy is active.

Superstar Rajinikanth facts #47
Rajini's movie "Padikathavan" has its plot from a hindi movie "Guthaar". Director Rajasekar wanted a sad song after the shoots and call sheets was over, but Rajini told already the movie is 17000 feet long and do we need one ? Director asked Rajini's call sheet for just two nights and made a sad song. That song became very popular among audience and it was "Oora Therinchikitean Ulagam Purinchikitean"rajini

Superstar Rajinikanth facts #48
In 1979 when Rajini was depressed both Physically and Mentally, the person who stood up for Rajini was Regina Vincent. In the Dictionary of Rajini, Regina is defined as mother or mummy. On the occasion of Rajini's marriage at Tirupathi, Regina was one among the VIPs.

Superstar Rajinikanth facts #49
Rajini was apporached by AVM for a telugu remake of "Suttadu Unnaru Jakartha". Before Avm's request rajini had already rejected the proposal of the telugu producer, but due to AVM's request he accepted for the project unwillingly. Rajini did not expect that this movie would be great hit and that movie was "Pokkiri Raja" directed by SP Muthuraman. rajini

Superstar Rajinikanth facts #50
Even after becoming a Superstar Rajini was travelling places in Scooter and one day he met with a minor accident. Knowing this, AVM Saravanan requested Rajini not to use scooter because his family and many producers are relying on him. From that day Rajini started using car.

Superstar Rajinikanth facts #51
Before singning "Manithan" movie Rajini asked for a particular amount as salary and AVM Saravanan accepted to that as it was a feasible one. But when Rajini told the same amount other production house they considered it was high and did not accept to that. Knowing this Rajini himself told AVM saravanan to reduce his salary as it is considered high.

Superstar Rajinikanth facts #52
In a short period SP Muthuraman directed 25 films with Rajini. For the movie "Priya" director thought of using body double for a chasing scene but Rajini refused and told that he will do it. Rajini doesn't know boat rowing or swimming, but due the need, he practiced boat rowing in a time of 1 hour. rajini

Superstar Rajinikanth facts #53
Rajini's 100th movie "Ragavendra" is mile stone in his career. When released, the chief minister of that period MGR wished and also gave tax exemption for the movie.

Superstar Rajinikanth facts #54
In one of the Rajini movie's success ceremony "Silamboli Selvar Ma.Po.Ci" told that he will not understand the dialogues of Rajini as it is very fast but he also said that his grand sons would asy that they would would understand. rajini

Superstar Rajinikanth facts #55
"Panchu Arunachalam" is the man who dialogues for Rajini is most of the movies. Rajini's "Kavikuyil", "Bhuvana Oru Kelvikuri", "Aaril Irundhu Arubathu Varai", "Engeyo Keta Kural" was produced by him.

Superstar Rajinikanth facts #56
Late writer Sujatha's novel "Priya" and "Gayathri" was made into movies and Rajini was the hero for that. Sujatha has a major contrubution to Rajini's "Sivaji" and "Endiran".

Superstar Rajinikanth facts #57
Rajini likes to drink Tender coconut water. When he asks for that in early days, Production assistants will not get him. By seeing this acts, a production manager told those assistants as one Rajini will become a big star and not to treat him like this. rajini

Superstar Rajinikanth facts #58
Suhasini worked as asst cameraman in the "Jonny". At the same time she got committed with the movie "Nenjathai Killathe". Rajini used to tease her by telling the crew that no one should say any work to her as she is heroine now.

Superstar Rajinikanth facts #59
There were 8 partners in the movie "Arunachalam" to whom the profit was shared. VK Ramasamy was one among them as he lost all the assets by entering into production.

Superstar Rajinikanth facts #60
Rajini acted only in 1 Hollywood movie "Blood stone" and the music director for that movie is Isagnani Illaiyaraja. Rajini has sung only once till now and is for "Adikkuthu Kuliru" from the movie "Mannan" and the movie director for that also was Illayaraja. Illayaraja's first song sung for Rajini was "Ullukulla Chakaravarthy" from "Pannakaaran".rajini

Superstar Rajinikanth facts #61
After departing from Illayaraja, the combo for Rajini-Chandrabose's "Manithan", "Raja Chinna Roja" made a hreat platform to Vairamuthu. All all songs in these movies was written by him and "Superstaru Yaarunu Ketta" song became a massive hit.

Superstar Rajinikanth facts #62
Rajini's opening song will always been sung by SPB. Rajini's "Thutikum Karangal" movie's music was done by SPB himself.

Superstar Rajinikanth facts #63
Rajini has acted in 12 hindi remake movies which was acted in hindi by Amitabh Bachchan. rajini

Superstar Rajinikanth facts #64
Once K Balachander came as the guest lecture to the acting school where Rajini was studying. The 1st question asked ti him was, "What do expect from actors apart from acting? the answer given by Balachander was, " Actors should not act outside the movies". After about 20 years from this, in 1993 Rajini gave the same answer to Thinakaran question, "Why do you often come with white beard and not even shaved face?

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