Feature Exclusive - The Legend with immortality

Feature Exclusive - The Legend with immortality

News 12-Dec-2013 12:56 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Year after year, it’s a hackneyed stuff to get the wishes from who’s who from the film industry and there is a plethora of zestfulness found across the world. Superstar Rajnikanth’s birthday is not just like any other day, but an event, the collage of celebrations and irresistible joy and enthusiasms. Today, we find the temples and many across the town own its actual traits and this is all because of a person – The one and only Rajnikanth.

No one is born a saint, but the deeds in them create a saint. Superstar is one such entity, who has been incessantly involved in good-hearted action. ‘Charity is not giving something you have, but giving yourself completely in what you do’ – much alike this quote that remains to be the success of many immortal personalities. He is so genuine in heart and action. He is never bound to any luxuries and such is his charisma

Salman Khan in an interview was questioned – “People consider you as the North Indian Rajnikanth. How do you take it?”

He politely replied, “No one can be Rajnikanth except him. Imagine a man walking out with his bald head without any insecurity. And yes, he is in the heart of people and everyone loves. This is something we cannot do.”

Veteran filmmaker SP Muthuraman speaks out on Rajnikanth saying that he has been a same person over the years in spite of his success scaling to great heights. He never forgets anyone, who has stood by his side during his tough times.

Superstar Mohan Babu comes up with a happy fact about Rajnikanth, “Both of us started our lives in cinema together. We slept on platforms when running short of money. But even today, he is the same and that makes him Superstar.”

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