Irandam Ulagam Movie Review

Poor writing, immature treatment and average performance

Reviews 22-Nov-2013 4:31 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Imaginations have no limits and anyone create anything on papers. But the problem occurs during the process of translation of ideas and words into pictures. Selvaraghavan is someone, who always looks cocksure about his projects and indeed advocates them regardless of the flaws and contradictories. This time, he gets into a zone that is far beyond our perceptions and yes, he refers to the quotes of famous scientists before the drama commences to convince us.

The film is set in two different backdrops - one our world where we find Madhu (Arya) and Ramya (Anushka) are in love. Then there is second world that has never witnessed love and the Goddess decides to implant it through a warrior (again played by Arya) and Varna (Anushka again). On an unexpected turn, Madhu commutes into the other world and becomes a contributor in fulfilling the Goddess' plans.

15 minutes into the film and everything turns out to be the calamities of conflicts. It's obvious that Selvaraghavan wants to say something meaningful that 'True Love' will never fail you and will keep you immortal. But how about watching it on the screens for 165 minutes? You'll have wait for the intermission (approximately 90mins) to see what the conflict is all about. Let us put this way: VIBGYOR tinted skies with wallpapers of solar system, animated dogs and human-faced lions (quite ridiculous) will not ascribe a fantasy film. Most of the visuals look so amateurish and do not stick up to perfection. Sometimes, it leaves you in laughter to see the crazy- long winged animated birds surveiling the planet.

Coming down to performance, Arya looks fit with his herculean looks and his character of Madhu aka Madhu Balakrishnan is nothing but a replication of Selvaraghavan movies' protagonists. Anushka looks little aged in her looks and her experiments to capture the audience with glamorous costumes (don't know who stitches the dazzling cut-gowns and sleeveless attires for ladies, V neck T-shirts in the other planet). White men with Tamil dialogues and their sudden transition into good persons during climax is a fun-on-card situation. The lady playing the Goddess role is illogical. The actor as Arya's father is good.

Ramji's cinematography goes in vain due to the over-tinted colours. Sorry to say!! The CG works are too far from the perfection levels.

Overall, Irandam Ulagam would have been a milestone for Tamil film industry in this centenary year of Indian celebration, but an improper implementation of ideas and unconvincing CG works drops down its status.

Verdict:Poor writing, immature treatment and average performance

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