Trisha Promotes Widow Remarriage

Trisha Promotes Widow Remarriage

News 20-Nov-2013 12:12 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Actress Trisha often gets involved in philanthropic activities. She is the brand ambasaddor of PETA and promotes the well being of stray dogs. She is also a part of child cancer treatment and spends most of her birthdays there at the hospital. Right now, she will be a part of advertisement that will have her holding the hands of groom and performing marriage rituals. By that time, a child will ask Trisha, 'Mommy, can I join you with this' and elders hold her back.

Apparently, the bridegroom boldly takes up the child's hand and goes for the rounds. Trisha feels that throwing importance on widow remarriage is a must need of this situation and thus has done it.

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