Meera Jasmine becomes revolutionist

Meera Jasmine becomes revolutionist

News 20-Nov-2013 11:27 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

As Meera Jasmine embarks on her second innings in movie industry, she remains more focussed on choosing the scripts that have meaty roles. The actress is now playing the female lead character in VTV Ganesh starrer 'Inga Enna Solludhu'. In Malayalam, she has signed three projects and will be shooting it simultaneously that includes 'Onnum Mintaadhe','Mazhaneer Thuligal' and 'Idhunumappuram'. The latter one has a sensational script that is a blend of controversial issues as well.

The film is set in backdrops of 70s and Meera Jasmine plays a high-class Brahmin girl Rukmani. She has her own astrological issues that is bound to many problems and her parents try to resolve it with certain rituals. By this time, she falls in love with a low caste boy. Rest of the story is about the confrontations she has with her parents. The film is reported to have a lot of prominence to her characterisation.

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