Pizza 2 – Villa Movie Review

Creative concept with average package

Reviews 14-Nov-2013 4:24 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

“The good and bad have the same judgments. Those who have breathed their last are not evil and ones ready to depart are not good. It’s Destiny...” When we heard Nasser uttering these dialogues in teaser, it literally drew us in for more. As you walk into theatres for Villa, you’re ready with your claps for raising the applause.

Of course, we all spend our pennies to clap, howl and laugh as the shivering chills run down our spines while watching a horror movie.

Does Pizza 2 – Villa score 100% on these boxes? Hold a sec!!!! Lets glimpse on the synopsis followed by analysis.

Jabin (Ashok Selvan) is a struggling writer grieving over the demise of his father (Nasser). With the assets and bungalow at stake, his father’s lawyer affirms that he is going to be a pauper soon. He divulged a secret that his father owns a luxurious villa in Pondicherry and immediately, we have Jabin rushing down there to sell it. But sooner, his girlfriend Aarthi (Sanchitha Shetty) suggests him not to sell the property as luck favours them a lot. Nevertheless, the set of paintings unravel the mysterious future that was done before many years. Jabin and Aarthi soon become the prey of Villa and will they overcome these hurdles form crux of this story.

The opening prologue of this film itself is a special surprise and the moment we have the title on screens, the thundering claps and whistles occur letting us reminiscence over ‘The Conjuring’ title. Delivering the science of mystery through paintings and art forms – poem, novel and finally films (suspense.... suspense.... suspense) is an excellent effort. So far, we never had any film centering on science and superstitious elements, but Deepan deserves special mention for this. The technical aspects are a revolution as Dolby Atmos effects has been very well utilised and the overlaping of sound effects as voiceovers is a good experiment. With a running length of 105 minutes, there are separate songs, unwanted comedy tracks, scary moments and yet the film keeps us engrossed. But the unwanted sound effects of crows and wind is purposely injected here and so is the ‘Dutch Angle’ shot of Villa that were seen in early 60s horror movies. The key under the piano is the peak of all excitements and the mystery unveiled during second half is a surprise indeed. The paintings revealing the future is a good attempt, but Vikram Kumar had already got it done with his ‘Yaavarum Nalam’, where mega serial predicts the future.

Ashok Selvan could have done a better job with his performance. His reactions are the same in all situations and Deepan should have emphasized on this aspect. Sanchitha Shetty exhibits her proficiency with her acts. Especially, her part during climax is on par with excellence and so far SJ Surya, who comes as a surprise twist before final credits. The actor as a researcher of supernatural elements had a vital role to play, but his character loses the substantiality at last.

Background score by Santhosh Narayan is the most fascinating element of Pizza 2 – Villa and the songs included as a part of screenplay is a new element in Tamil cinema.

Overall, Deepan Chakravarthy deserves appreciations for his innovative concept of blending the ideas of JJ Thomson, Stephen Hawkings et al that proves the presence of negative and positive energy influencing our lives instead of ghosts and devils. But the writing gets feeble halfway and except 30 minutes of this film, there are no thrill and horror elements.

Verdict:Creative concept with average package

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